Winter or Spring School

Are you serious about your mathematics education? If so, read on.

YouCanDoMaths is the perfect choice for conducting your own maths Winter or Spring School in the comfort and safety of your home.  Not only will this give you something worthwhile to do during the holidays, it will also allow you to catch up or revise, at your own pace.

Start by setting up a timetable. We suggest you allocate at least two to three hours every day, preferably in the morning when you are fresh. 

Then follow these STEPS:

1.  Identify the Sections and Topics you have done up to now at school.

2. Make sure you have a workbook, pen and calculator.

3. Work through the REVISION LESSONS in each of these Sections and Topics, from top to bottom. 

  (a) Play the video lesson. Pause and rewind when necessary and make notes as you go along.
  (b)  Work through the lesson notes and make a summary of this in your workbook.
  (c)  Do the test. Do not guess the answers: use your workbook, pen and calculator. When finished, “mark the test”.
  (d)  Work carefully through the worked out answers.
  (e)  If necessary, redo the lesson and test . . . or redo only the test WITHOUT looking at the answers.

Please note: You might have done only part of a Section at school. Do only the lessons which cover the work you have done.

4.  If you finish all the REVISION LESSONS in a Topic and you want more practice, do the REVISION TESTS. Start with EASY, then MEDIUM and if you feel brave, DIFFICULT.

After you have completed the required lessons, you will be totally up to date with your Maths, ready for the new term!

You can even invite a couple of like-minded friends to join in. You can all listen to the lessons together and then see who does best in the tests. Afterwards you can discuss the worked out answers.

If you are not already a client, make sure you register today!

Good luck and remember you CAN do maths!!