Client Feedback

Thank you very much for the wonderful product. I have recommended your product to all my friends and family!

JP vd Merwe, Centurion

Julle wiskunde program help my dogter so baie, ek vertel vir almal. Dit maak ten minste 20% verskil in haar punte.

I. Heymans, Vrystaat

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that the program truly works. My son moved from 32% to 71%. Thank you so much.

P. Alexander, Free State

Stumbling upon YCDM has transformed my academic trajectory. I started using it during my Matric, 2014. I never paid attention in Mathematics and it helped me to catch up all the laws and principles. Today I'm a Medical Doctor. Thank you!

Dr Kamo T

Thank you so much for introducing me to YCDM. I would not have done it without this program. I would encourage everyone who is struggling in Maths to enroll.

N. Sibiya, Durban (2021 matriculant with 85% in maths)

I want to thank you for the amazing website. My daughter moved from 45% in term 1 and 2 to 77% in term 3. So proud of the increase in her Mathematics.

K-A van Wyk, Caledon, Western Cape

I just want to say thank you for your program. My daughter's average went up from 65% to 86% and she got 90% in her term test! I can't describe how happy my child is.

M. Matthysen, Middelburg.

Thanks so much for your program. My child benefits so much from it.

C. Kruger, Mpumalanga

YCDM is very well structured according to the syllabus and the lesson breakdown is great. We are able to help lots of learners because of it's completeness. By far our best learning resource.

Tutor Centre, KZN

Your service is exceptional. My mark increased from a 68% in 2019 to 97% in 2020. It's all thanks to YouCanDoMaths. I never really thought I was good at Maths, but you've gone and proven me wrong.

K. Morethi, Gauteng

I greatly appreciate the wonderful program you offer. With YouCanDoMaths kids are more independent and at liberty to redo their tasks and not only gain better knowledge, but also build confidence.

CS Anthony-Choklingo, North West

I just want to say that my daughter enjoys the program so much. I wish she started using it earlier.

L. Davel, Gauteng

My children have now finished school. Maybe my grandchildren will make use of your services in the future. Thank you for the wonderful service you have offered.

Flip, Windhoek, Namibia

This is an amazing program which helps my child so much!

B. Nel, Lynnwood, Pretoria

Thanks so much for an excellent service and high standards.

E. Berg, Pongola, KZN

I would like to say thank you. Last term I got 36% for Maths and failed the term because of it. My mother signed me up for YouCanDoMaths and my maths mark this term is 58%!

Learner, Afrikaans Girls High, Pretoria

I would like to thank you for an excellent product. My son is very impressed with the lessons. For the first time he is excited about Mathematics. Thanks also for your quick email response.

J. Jooste, Eastern Cape

My only daughter finished school in 2015 with a good Math result of 94%, she is now studying Industrial engineering. YouCanDoMaths certainly helped her to achieve that. Thanks for the help when she needed it.

V. Smit, North West

Thanks for your excellent material. I refer people to you all the time.

D. Marais, Mpumalanga

I am very happy with the standard of your Maths and it helps my child a lot. Whenever I have the opportunity I tell people to give your website a try!

A. Claasen, Mpumalanga

After many private tutors, maths programs and thousands of rands, I found that YouCanDoMaths is the best. It follows exactly the headings of the textbooks and the curriculum. It works so much better for my child.

V. Carelse, Free State

My son got 84% for Maths in Matric at the end of last year. We are over the moon!

Victor, Windhoek, Namibia

I run a Learning Centre for high-school distance learners and I repeatedly recommend this website to the parents. I really wish they would register with you! My daughter's Math mark improved by 20% last year!

D. de Vos, La Lucia, KZN

My son wrote both grade-10 papers and feels more confident about the potential outcome after having done all his studies and preparations through YCDM. Thanks for a Brilliant Website.

F. Benade, Mokopane

It has been a great honour working with YouCanDoMaths. I am confident that I am going to grade 11 and I am looking forward to using the programme again next year. YouCanDoMaths is the best math tutor ever.

P. Masethe, Gauteng

I don’t know if I provided feedback on my daughter. In June before she enrolled with you, she got 20%. The program helped her to get 56% in September, and we are looking for even better results for year end.

B. Mmonwa, Kathu

Once again I cannot thank you enough for your most invaluable service. Without you my daughter would not have been able to maintain her A symbol in maths.

Kim, Craighall Park

Thanks for an effective program. My daughter uses it with great success. Just a pity we heard so late about YouCanDoMaths.

Debbie, Eastern Cape

Thanks so much for all the help, I appreciate it. I love the website, my marks improved a lot and I tell everyone about the program.

Mariche, Gauteng

This is an excellent program and it helps me a lot with Mathematics. I am a homeschooler and do not always have someone to explain to me.

Elnie, Gauteng

My son saw the program at a friend of his. We were skeptical at first, because what works on the internet? His marks improved by 20% and we can definitely recommend YouCanDoMaths.

Mrs. Venter, Gauteng

I stay in a hostel and use YouCanDoMaths almost every day. In 3 months my marks dubbled from 34% to 68%.

Janro, Eastern Cape

Brilliant program! My daughter in matric has been scoring 40-45% since grade 8. After one week on your program she scored 62% for a cycle test! Her block against maths has been broken forever! Thank you!

Madaleen, Gauteng

Thank you! Thank you!
Great service and a great program!

Tova, Gauteng

I only have good things to say about YCDM. I heard about your program from a friend but my son was very reluctant to buy into it. After a week he got hooked on it and I will definitely be a client until his matric year. Thanks for the good work you are doing.

O van Papendorp, Eastern Cape

I just want to say thank you!
YouCanDoMaths brought me through matric.
So glad I found it! Best ever!!

Nastasja, 2013 matriculant

This site is brilliant. I have referred so many people.

Vasin, Gauteng

I would like to thank you for a brilliant tutoring package.
My daughter got 72% for her March report and 80% for her June exams.

Carmen, Cape Town

Since using this program my son's mark has improved by 15%. Thank you very much.

Debbie, Kirkwoord, Eastern Cape

I just want to congratulate YCDM team with the great work you do in the life of our children.
I really thank you.

C. Mkhize, Gauteng

André enjoys the grade 10 lessons more than I thought he would. Thanks so much for an excellent program.

Thereza van der Merwe, Gauteng

With more than 30 years experience in teaching Mathematics, I absolutely endorse your excellent and very user-friendly product!

Aslam Mukadam (Founder Maths Excellence), Cape Town

My daughter in grade 12 has done online maths with you and we would love to register for another month so that she can prepare for her final exam.
We were very impressed and her marks definitely increased in her trial exams.

Denise van der Merwe, Pietermaritzburg, KZN

I want to thank you for the difference you've made in the way my son now confidently understands and grasps maths. He can stop and rewind lessons and he can work at his own pace. He only regrets that he did not start earlier!

Liesel, Stellenbosch, Western Cape

My daughter has been using your program for 3 months now. She says it helps her a lot and she understands better. Her marks improved, but more important, her attitude towards Mathematics has changed and she now even enjoys it!

Adri, Barberton, Mpumalanga

YouCanDoMaths has helped me and my understanding is improving at a fair pace. I have more confidence now because I go into school knowing that if I don't understand the topic discussed, I can still get good practice from the program. Compliments for your good work.

P Masethe, Gauteng

Children enjoy the program and do better. Jaco got 26% in the first term and in this term he got 71%. Thanks for a fantastic program.

T Cloete, Jan Kempdorp, Northern Cape

My son Jean-Pierre really enjoys your program and would like to renew for another 3 months. As his mother I am really amazed at how eager he is to work on the program. Thanks for an excellent program.

M van der Merwe, Greytown, KZN

I have just had a GOOD look at your website, lessons and layout. This is the best Maths site I have seen. I retired as Head of Maths at Rondebosch Boys High at the end of 2014.

Rowan Harmuth, Western Cape (Maths HOD)

I was on YouCanDoMaths for 3 months. Excellent website that's well worth it. My marks improved by about 20% overall.

S Padayatchi (Homeschool student)

After using the program for only 1 month, my son's mark improved from 28% to 46%. Unbelievable!! Thanks so much for an excellent program!

M. Scheepers, Gauteng

I looked at many of the topics on your program and am very impressed. As Maths teacher for grades 10-12, I will strongly recommend this program to my learners for extra help. I think you have a winning recipe.

L. Venter, Limpopo (Maths teacher)

Since using YouCanDoMaths, my marks have improved from 70% to 94%. I can definitely recommend this fantastic product to everyone!

Melcom, Free State

My daughter has been using your program for 1 month and her marks for Paper 1 improved by 40% which is wonderful - THANK YOU!

Sally, Mpumalanga

I am so glad to say that my son's maths mark went up by 24%, from 49% to 73%.

E. de Beer, Eastern Cape

Thanks YouCanDoMaths for a fantastic program. My mark improved from 49% to 71% !

Grade 10 learner, Gauteng

I can't believe I am saying this, but I am actually starting to enjoy Maths!

S. van Wyk, Northern Cape