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A. If you have registered through the website and paid through PAYFAST:

The parent needs to sign into his/her account. Remember your email address is your username, and if you have forgotten your password, your can request a new one.

Once you have signed in, you can renew (or subscribe) from there.

B. If you are a voucher user:

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Our aim is to . . .

  • encourage responsibility
  • motivate learners through success
  • make maths more enjoyable
  • to support the teacher
  • to offer quality maths lessons at a very reasonable rate

We believe that YouCanDoMaths can benefit all levels of learners. Learners who struggle with maths can learn at their own pace while a strong learner, with the help of our program, can reinforce concepts.

We have chosen this name because we believe that all people, with the correct teaching, a reasonable amount of work and a positive attitude, can pass Mathematics.

Extra mathematics lessons, at around R200 per hour, is  prohibitively expensive. In order to make extra help more widely available, we have decided to charge from R120 per month (when paid for a year in advance) to a maximum of R360 per month (when paid monthly). This allows a learner access for 24 hours per day.

  • Learners can work at their own pace
  • The program combines seeing and hearing mathematic
  • Learners can pause, rewind and repeat as often as they like
  • This allows time to absorb and reinforce important concepts
  • Ideal for shy learners
  • Learners can work at home at whatever time of the day suits them
  • Ideal for learners with full extra curricula programs
  • All content has been authored by experienced mathematics teachers
  • All content is fully aligned to the latest South African curriculum
  • Covers all work required for Papers 1 and 2
  • Learners can go back to the previous grade to fill gaps (except for grade 7)
  • Please encourage your child to use the site regularly
  • It is better to keep up than to catch up!

  • Encourage your child to use the program regularly, not only before tests and exams
  • Start using the program early in the year, do not wait until there are problems
  • Take a keen interest in your child’s progress report - you can access this through your profile
  • Create a comfortable environment for your child to work in
  • Using headphones will ensure better concentration
  • It is essential that your child uses a pen and workbook
  • With hard work, sufficient time on the site and perseverance, your child will succeed
  • You need to have a positive attitude towards mathematics
  • Always tell your child that “You Can Do Maths”
  • Make sure that your child NEVER falls behind

  • Mathematics is required for many high skill jobs, which is what we need in South Africa
  • Mathematics helps us to reason and think in a logical way
  • Success in mathematics builds confidence
  • Mathematics opens doors to a broader career choice
  • Mathematics is the most widely used subject in the world

  • If your child doesn’t get it right the first time, it does not mean that he/she can’t do maths
  • It is all about the right attitude and hard work
  • There is no quick fix once your child falls behind in maths, so make sure to sign up early in the year
  • It is better to keep up than to catch up!

  • Mathematics builds on previous knowledge and many times there are gaps
  • Learners lack confidence and are too shy to ask for help
  • Large classes make it difficult to give individual attention
  • Teachers need to teach at a fast rate to cover the whole curriculum
  • Learners fall behind because there is not enough time to absorb and reinforce
  • Full extra curricula program leaves little time to attend extra maths lessons
  • Extra mathematics lessons are very expensive

  • If your child misses school for whatever reason, this site is ideal for catching up
  • It is essential that your child never falls behind, because mathematics is a subject which builds on previous knowledge

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