• There are two ways of registering


A. Register through the website and pay through PAYFAST:

This is recommended for parents or guardians who would like to keep track of the learner's progress. 
Please note: The parent/guardian and the learner each need their own email address.

The process:

Click on "REGISTER" on the homepage

Select "No" to Do you have a voucher number?

Step 1: Parent Details
This is where the parent enters his/her details.
The parent’s email address will be his/her username and he/she chooses his/her own password.

Please note:  The parent does not have access to the lessons.

Step 2: Learner Details
This is where the details of the learner are entered. A parent can enter up to 3 learners.
Please note: The learner cannot have the same email address as the parent. If the learner does not have an email address, he/she can sign up at gmail, yahoo, etc. for a free email address.
The learner’s email address will be his/her username and he/she chooses his/her own password.

Step 3: Summary
In this step you will see a summary of your registration details.

Step 4: Payment
In this step you will be re-directed to the PAYFAST website for payment. Payment can be done from a credit card or as a direct transfer from your bank. 
Please note: Do not close the browser after payment, you will be directed back to our website.

PS:  If you have trouble paying through PAYFAST, please email us at info@youcandomaths.co.za requesting our direct banking details. We will then activate your subscription as soon as proof of payment has been received.

B. Registering with a voucher:

Using this method, only one email address is required and is recommended for adult/mature learners. Payment is done directly to us via EFT, cash deposit at a FNB ATM or money order.

The process:

You first need to buy a voucher through us by doing the following.

1. Email info@youcandomaths.co.za stating your name, the type (1, 3, 6, 9 or 12 months) and number of vouchers.
2. We will then email you our banking details.
3. You make payment and email us the proof of payment.
4. We send you the voucher number(s).

Once you have the voucher number, click on "REGISTER" on the homepage.

Select "Yes" to Do you have a voucher number?

Type in the voucher number and click Continue.

Step 1: Learner details
The learner’s email address will be his/her username and he/she chooses his/her own password.

Step 2: Voucher details
The system will check the validity of the voucher number and give you a summary of it.

Step 3: Redeem Voucher
When clicking Redeem Voucher, you will be registered on the system and will have immediate access to all lessons.


• How to access the lessons

  • Only the learner has access to the lessons, so make sure the learner logs in with his/her sign in details NOT the parent's details.
  • Once logged in, your grade's lessons will appear. Click on the  topic and then on the lesson name.
  • Click  "Fullscreen" and then "Play".
  • The lesson might take a few seconds to load. If you have a slow internet connection, please give it more time.
  • We recommend CHROME as a browser on computers and laptops and FIREFOX for smart devices.
  • If you have any problems viewing the lessons, you can email us on info@youcandomaths.co.za

Please make sure that you also read   www.youcandomaths.co.za/how-the-program-works