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YCDM launches new website

access_time Posted on Thu, Jun 24, 2021 4:18 PM

YouCanDoMaths is happy to announce that a new upgraded website was launched on 20 June 2021. The new website is written using the latest coding and runs on a stronger (which also means faster) server.

Apart from the new homepage and a more modern dashboard area for clients, we have also changed the number of grades a learner can have access to.

Previously all learners had access to all the grades, but unfortunately the system was abused by some clients. We have decided to change this and only give the learner access to his/her current grade and one grade below, except of course for grade 7. This means that learners can still plug possible gaps from the previous grade.

When a client’s profile is active, the grade cannot be changed. However, you can email us to do this if required. A grade can be changed when renewing a subscription and will automatically change to the next grade at the end of the year.

The team at YouCanDoMaths still has no doubt that the website is still the best online extra maths program on the internet and remember . . . with a positive attitude and hard work, you CAN do maths!