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Raise your child’s maths prowess and pass rate with online tutoring for more career options

access_time Posted on Tue, Jan 11, 2022 7:22 AM

Amongst the close to 600 000 candidates who wrote matric in 2020, a meagre 5,3% scored 60% or more for maths. Given that the required pass rate is just 30% - something that only 125 526 candidates achieved – maths is in crisis as it is a gateway subject for higher education and career options which are vital for any country’s economic development and growth. It remains to be seen whether the 2021 results will be any better.

Why are so many learners grappling with maths, often turning to maths literacy as an “easier option”, which limits their study and vocation options? According to Gerda van der Merwe from the online Maths tutoring platform, YouCanDoMaths, there are various myths surrounding maths as well as poor practices that affect a learner’s ability to pass with higher marks. Fortunately, this can be rectified with the correct support and help. 

“The truth is that to do well at maths, learners need to practice and, not just at exam times. Attending only maths classes at school is often not enough time for most learners to grasp key concepts. Big classes mean less teacher-learner time and unfortunately the pandemic has resulted in even less class time which further impacted learners’ access to teachers. Many would benefit from extra time to revise lessons and absorb key theories at their own pace,” says Van der Merwe.

Now 10 years old, YouCanDoMaths has taught over 17 000 learners, from grades 7 to 12. This affordable online maths tutoring platform uses teaching materials in both English and Afrikaans. Its lessons, which consist of teaching videos, notes and multiple tests with worked out answers, are fully aligned to the CAPS curriculum for NSC and IEB. 

“We are now well and truly in the 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) and learners who graduate from high school today will be required to have a firm grip on coding, robotics, AI (artificial intelligence) and advanced technologies. These learning areas are all fundamentally built on mathematical principles such as calculus, statistics and algebra. Without a good maths pass, learners can have a major disadvantage down the road,” says Van Der Merwe.

With unemployment figures shooting through the roof in South Africa, this is not a rosy picture. But while it cannot be addressed in totality through a focus on enhanced maths skills development at schools, it can certainly help. To put this in perspective, by this year alone (2022) more than 75-million jobs will have disappeared and will be replaced by 133-million new types of jobs. Maths is often at the heart of the latter. 

“Skills in mathematics are going to be more in demand than ever going into the 4IR, but we as a country are simply not ready to meet the demand,” says Van Der Merwe. 

“Education is a process, not an event. This is particularly true with maths as it is a subject which builds on previous knowledge and learners need time to absorb and reinforce concepts. You CAN do maths, but don’t leave it until the 11th hour to get help,” says Van Der Merwe. “As the world-famous golf player Gary Player once said of his successes, ‘The more I practice the luckier I get’. The same is true for maths; the harder you practice the better you will do.” 

As we start the New Year, parents and learners alike are encouraged to understand the gravity of getting maths right from the start in order to pass with far more than the minimum rate of 30%. This minimum will not guarantee them a place at a university or any other tertiary education institution of their choice. 

“Of course, not everyone is entirely maths-geared, but the YouCanDoMaths online tutoring has proven to be an effective way to increase your child’s prowess. Learners do lessons related exactly to what they learn in school, at times that work best for them and at their own pace. Further, there are perceptions that extra maths lessons are expensive; YouCanDoMaths makes learning more cost-effective as basic monthly rates are equivalent to the standard hourly rates charged by many suppliers of extra maths.

Schools and tutor centres also have the opportunity to buy subscriptions in bulk at a reduced cost. Teachers and tutors can register their classes and have access to the progress reports of all of their learners.”

With 10 years under its belt, YouCanDoMaths is a leading and trusted online institution that has helped thousands of learners gain a better understanding of maths.

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