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Letter from a teacher using YCDM

access_time Posted on Mon, Mar 26, 2018 10:52 AM

Dear YouCanDoMaths (YCDM)

I am an edutainer with 38 years teaching experience. I currently teach at a science-centre, FET mathematics, to fourteen schools on a weekly basis. Since discovering YCDM my teaching method has changed dramatically.

YCDM has many advantages: It reduces my preparation time by half. The current generation learners are generation Y and generation Z learners. These learners are very comfortable with technology, and using the talk and chalk method is not applicable anymore. Learners find talk and chalk teaching method boring and it increases negative feelings towards mathematics.

Thank you to YCDM! YCDM creates an opportunity to use technology in teaching mathematics. The lessons are created in such a manner that a mathematics topic takes a normal school period time. Another advantage is that the learners are actively involved during the whole period and there is no time for being bored. Learners look forward to the mathematics class and do not dread the subject any longer.

YCDM also creates opportunities for learners to become more self-regulated because they can work independently on the programme which in turns, creates self-efficacy behaviour patterns.

Thank you for a lovely, user friendly programme!

R. van Rooyen (Employed by Arcelormittal)