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Best Maths Winter School - At your own home!

access_time Posted on Fri, Jun 29, 2018 10:01 AM

YouCanDoMaths is the perfect choice for conducting your own Maths Winter School in the comfort and safety of your home.  Not only will this give you something worthwhile to do during the holidays, it will also allow you to catch up or revise, at your own pace . . . and in the process your very important Maths mark will improve! 

Start by setting up  a timetable. We suggest you allocate at least two to three hours every day, preferably in the morning when you are fresh.  Identify the Sections and Topics which you have done at school during Terms 1 and 2. Then follow the steps as set out in:

You can even invite a couple of like-minded friends to join in. You can all listen to the lessons together and then see who does best in the tests.  Afterwards you can discuss the worked out answers.

If you are not already a client, make sure you sign up today!